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Surgical Connecting Tube - 200cm


Suction Tubes serves as the conduit from suction instruments and sources evacuate fluid and debris into the suction waste collection canister and source.
All Tubes are manufactured from non-toxic, non-irritant, medical grade PVC with pressure resistant and have minimal coil memory to prevent kinking and twisting. Available in a wide range of standard cut lengths in various dimensions based on individual requirement.

  • Lightweight for easy manoeuvring.
  • Flexible and Pliable Tubing for ease of use enhances surgeonís dexterity.
  • Ribbed Tube features resistant to coiling, kinking has the strength to withstand the suction.
  • Ribbed Outer Surface enhances drapability and reduces friction while using.
  • Smooth Inner Lumen ensures the level of suction is maintained.
  • Thicknes Walled for kink-resistance and stretchy for airtight connection and also prevents the tube from collapsing when the tube is used under high negative pressure.
  • Elastomeric End Fittings provide secure connection to all suction devices and sources.
  • Anti-kink Moulded Connectors ensure uninterrupted suction.
  • Soft Flexible Feel Adaptors at both Ends provides safe grip to the handle as well as at the suction source.
  • Wide Range of Sizes and Configurations allows efficient and cost-effective setup.
  • Supplied double wrapped in a high density polyethylene bag, for simple aseptic removal, within an easy peel pouch.
  • Available in either bulk, non-sterile or packed sterile.


  • 200cm

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