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Faecal Management System


  • Faecal Management System consists of a silicone catheter, 1 luer-lock 50ml syringe and 3 collection bags with integrated cap including 2 hanging straps.
  • The silicone catheter is a triple-lumen tube with a retention balloon on the patient end and an unique connector adapted to the collection bag on the other end. The drainage section is composed of 1 main drainage tube and 2 side lumen tubes. The main drainage tube provides a route for faecal matter passing through all the way to the collection bag. The two lumen tubes are for irrigation and inflaton/deflation respectively.
  • All faecal effluent is collected by the bag and can then easily and safety disposed without risk of subsequent exposure of health carer. Onece adequate amounts of faecal matter have been collected, discard the collection bag as required. The faecal waste disposed in accordance with institutional protocol.
  • All components are latex-free and for single use only.

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