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Closed Intermittent Urethral Carheter


Closed Intermittent Urethral Catheter is designed for easy application and removal, while decreasing the patient risk of a urinary tract infection. The system features ultra-smooth eyelets on a straight, pre-lubricated catheter tip with integrated 1500 ml collection bag offered in singles and kit configurations. Urine empties into the collection bag and can then be emptied into a toilet or urinal.
It is suitable for spinal injury units, labor wards, casualty theatres, general urology, home nursing services and self-catheterization.

  • Closed System Design reduces mess, eases disposal and reduces contamination risk by allowing a touch-free catheterization.
  • Self-contained 1500cc Collection Bag eliminates the need for a separate container,reducing the chance of spillage and allowing for ease of disposal.
  • Touchless, hands (and any bacteria on them) never come in contact with the catheter.
  • Pre-lubricated catheter is easily maneuvered around the prostate curve for smooth application and removal that reduces the risk of trauma to the urethra.
  • Non-allergenic, Water-soluble Lubricant-coated for easy insertion, so no separate lubrication procedure is needed.
  • Introducer Tip is actually shielded away from the catheter which lowers the risk bacteria from entering the catheter and traveling to the bladder.
  • Tapered Tip and Polished Catheter Surface assure a smoother glide passage through theurethra.
  • Polished Eyelets provide maximum comfort on insertion and removal, and help to minimizetrauma to the urethra.
  • Compact Packaging fits in a purse, which enables to use them discreetly in public andreduce the risk of bladder getting to full.
  • Clearly Defined Calibrations allow easy monitoring of volume.
  • Protective Cap helps maintain sterility of the catheter tip for easy to remove and hold.
  • Sterile, single-use, unisex systems.
  • Offered in kit or non-kit.

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