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3-Mode Continuous Vacuum Regulator (0-200 / 400 / 760 mmHg)


3-stages Analogue Vacuum Regulator provides adjustable vacuum from zero to full- line vacuum. The Three Modes Vacuum Regulator could provide the maximum pressure immediately, unrestricted for emergencies. 
 REG: Allows degree of vacuum to be adjusted by use of the regulating knob
 OFF: Vacuum is no longer on or being supplied to patient.
 FULL: Maximum vacuum is administered to patient.


  • Mode Selector

                Clearly marked indicator

                Easy to grasp mode indicator  switch

  • Glow- in- Dark Gauge

                Clear marking, easy to read

                Color coded flow range

  • Pressure Adjusting Knob

                Easy adjustment of vacuum pressure

  • Cover & Interior Structure

                Durable High Quality ABS case body for excellent  protection if regulator is dropped

  • Light - weighted

                No leakage

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