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Air Flowmeter (0-15 LPM)


Medical Air Flowmeter is a pressure compensated flowmeter that delivers an accurate prescribed flow to the end user from the medical air source. It is indicated for use of medical air delivery if the client should not receive their treatment powered by oxygen the physician/nurse/RT can assess the most appropriate air source to be used (i.e. MDI vs. medical air vs. small compressor).


  • Compat design allows the unit to fit into tight headwall areas and makes it virtually damage proof when other equipment is installed.
  • Crack-resistant polycarbonate housing resists to chemical solution solutions which rugged enough to standup to the hospital environment.
  • Lightweight aluminum body aids portability when use.
  • Expanded scale makes the flow adjustment easy and enhance readability on the 0-5 LPM range.
  • Stainless steel flow indicator eliminates sticking caused by static electricity.
  • Easy-to-grip knurled knob provides easier access and fine flow control even works with gloved hands.
  • Graduations extend over 180� of the tube for instant reading of flow rate delivered for greater accuracy and control.
  • One-hand operation quick connector can directs plug-in with the selected adapter makes operation facilitate.
  • Calibrated and working at 50 psig inlet pressure accurates the precise flow measurement under a variety of operating conditions.
  • Durable sainless steel stem valve ensures precise insure precise flow-settings and provides for positive flow shut-off.
  • Leak-free flow control O-ring eliminates the leaks that are commonly associated with plastic base models.
  • Sintered Metal Filter for additional safety and to extend life
  • Integral DISS fitting reduces the number of parts that need maintenance and fit to a multi-port device.
  • Back-pressure compensated ensures perfect flow rate stability and accuracy is not affected by restrictions caused by humidifiers or ventilators.
  • 100% functional tests for pressure and leakage ensure accuracy and superior performance.
  • Color-coded housing to specific gas eases for gas service identification.
  • Serial number is engraved on the body ensures its identification and traceability.
  • Optional power take-off unit provides 50 psi additional outlet pressure
  • Full line of inlet connections for your options

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