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Oxyen Flowmeter (0-15 LPM)


Low-flow Oxygen Flowmeter is designed for use with more critical patients and enhances quality of care, ideal for extremely low flow situations. Provides highly accurate gas flow measurement and control within a range of 0.1-5.0 liter/min, for use in pediatric, neonatal, and other low flow applications, maximum flow limited to 5 L/min, and supply pressure of 50 psi.


  • Durable chrome-plated brass body provides high durability and long life.
  • DISS fitting and plated with a high gloss chrome-like finish
  • Glass flowtube assures consistent readings
  • Spring above rubber flow tube bushing absorb shock to protect the glass tube from breakage.
  • Black glass float indicator exceptional sphericity and uniform weight create more accuracy than plastic floats that enhance visibility and increase accuracy of flow settings
  • Stork safety label for quickly identify the unit to prevent accidental use of wrong flowmeter in neonatal application.
  • Front centered flow control knob located in clear sight of operator for less susceptible to damage than side one.

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